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Hi, Want to move to Szeged, need some help on rent prices!

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I want to move to Szeged and I am looking to rent a house. First I want to rent a room for a month in june while I look around (I am thinking empty student room) and want a 2 or 3 bedroom house. I have visited Hungary several times and know the situation but all the sites on the internet I have seen are aimed usually for Budapest and are for tourists or maybe rich idiots, sorry but 1000+ euroes a month in a country where 500 is a good salary! What sort of rent would I expect to pay in Szeged on the edge of town for a normal house? I dont want modern super luxury with 60 inch TV's in every room just a normal basic CHEAP place. Can anyone give me some help or recomend a non-ripoff web site? I have lived in 7 countries so I know the difference between real prices and prices for idiots! I want to move to Szeged because I like the place. I want to have a small factory there. If anyone can also advise me of rental prices and a website for a small (100m2) industrial site I would be very grateful. so I need temporary accomadation for a month, a 2 or 3 bedroom basic house in a cheap area and a small industrial unit. By the way, my company makes 2 things - the world best marijuana grow lights and also special lights for oyster/mussel farms! Ok and I also make special lights for rare species and scientific research.

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    Hey Richard,

    E-mail: [...]
    Skype: mkamillo

    here you can get information in english (real estate agent)
    Have a nice stay.

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