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saudi arabia family visit visa duplicate

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I've requested for my (father & sister) visit visa for ksa & at the same time my brother-in-law has tried to issue a visit visa for her wife (my sister), he got they visa in 4-5 days.

Now my visa for my sister & father is still pending, I'm worried if my visa application also get approved then there my might be duplicate visa for my sister, in this case what to do ??

I also want my father visa get done.

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    Sir Pleas help me i im dentar wark of nissan compani i ask vist visa for my waif he is amposibal

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    can i get a visit visa for my wife? my profession is fanni abneyah.......though i am an engineer in my company. please help

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    Click on this link:

    & Give your Application no ( Chamber of commerce paper)
    & In ID give your iqama.

    Sometime it might take 1 week or less , if it is for wife you should get it in few days.

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    I am Mechanical engineer with iqama having same profession

    I have family satus but my nikah is not stamped

    I have applied for visit visa for my wife online got the letter from company and got the stamp from chamber of commerce

    the chamber guy told me i have to check on on internet

    I got chabmer stamp on 28/5/2012

    Can anybody tell wether i have to do anything else if no then how much time it takes because i am going to india on 12 june and i want to bring my wife with me

    Please help

  • Solomon Advocate

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    There are a lot of expatriates in the kingdom who are currently without their families, but would like to bring them on a visit visa. As far as your matter is concerned no need to worry so much because already you have got the visa of the sister and the visa to be got is your father.You shall inform to the concern Dept.or otherwise automatically the visa of the sister will not be proceeded because once it entered in to the computer with particular name and Passport No.there is no chance to make again with name of the same person.At the same time the visa of your father shall be proceeded since yoy haven't got it.



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