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How does caste affect interracial relationships?

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I just started dating a guy from Delhi (we're in the UK), and I was wondering how our relationship would be seen by his family. He's probably not going to tell them he's dating an English girl anytime soon, but I want to know how his family might take it. I'm not religious, and he' not very religious either, even though his family is staunchly Hindu.

I don't feel comfortable asking him my questions yet, but I would like to know. Thanks!

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    I just joined this site today. These days its not uncommon to see Indian having relationships with foreigners. This trend is increasing. Among Hindus there are people who may not be that religiously inclined and other who are staunch followers. In the beginning it may occur to be a bit strange but once you are introduced to the family members it is possible that you are welcomed for what you are. It all depends on how mutually tolerant the people are. Here in Delhi there are many so to speak "transcontinental couples" well accepted by society. There is absolutely no pressure on individual faith. Depends entirely on the understanding between the couple.

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