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Kurtas the new European fashion?

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Hi, I'm currently living in Spain, and the new fashion this summer appears to be kurtas. They are absolutely everywhere - in every city and in every shop, in every fabric and with every pattern imaginable. As a result, Europe has taken a traditional style of Indian dress and made it into one of their fashions. Do you think the popularity of the kurta is an expression of cultural exchange or cultural imperialism (as Europe has taken a traditional part of India and turned it into a commercial product)?

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  • Manoj Mehra

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    Kurtis are in high demand now and girls are crazy about this amazing outfit. Another one which girls like to wear nowadays designer salwar kameez and mostly you can see it in parties or marriages. Fashion is now growing day by day and there are lot of changes coming in the industry, to know more visit

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    In the current time ladies like to wear Kurtis's because they feel comfortable in it. Not only the Europe i think it famous all over the world. And it's becoming more popular among the women. In India you can see most of the girls or women wear this outfit normally.

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    Hi Vanessa,
    I have just joined this site today. Glad to know that kurtas are popular in Spain. A kurta is a simple to wear garment and ideal for summers. Before kurtas, the traditional Nehru jackets were also a rage in the West. Fashion trends have no borders and therefore it is good to see the fusion between West and East.

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