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Goa should have been a part of Portugal

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Portugal today is one of the most peaceful nation with a high standard of living.
I wish they had controlled Goa till today

Goa today is polluted with corruption, rape cases, unhygienic places, poor medical conditions and religious riots.
My Folks tell me this scenario was completely opposite during the 60's and the 70's.
Just look at Portugal today.
Despite violent activities taking place everywhere, the nation of Portugal has maintained its identity as on of the most peaceful nation in the world.Thanks to its friendly and warm hearted people and its culture.
How I wish Goa had continued to be what it had been ages ago.

  • Joshy Kunnuthara

    posted by  in Goa forum 

    Dear Manchit...
    I'm a hardcore Goa fan.It's my second home.But I cannot turn my eyes towards reality.Goa was a paradise long back but it has become the den of anti socials from other places.(Real Goans are wonderful and friendly people but outsiders tarnish the name of the people).
    I believe every thing happened because of the greed and over exploitation of the resources for tourism.

  • manchit raikar

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    It took place in Taj hotel and hotel oberoi in mumbai.
    Was really devastating.
    Although being from Goa I didnt experience it myself however some of my relatives from mumbai had described the event as horrendous.
    Terrorists got to mumbai from the pakistan port through the western suburbs of india and entered the hotels killing and injuring many.

    We in Goa are have become more cautious and security has been beefed up like never before.

    I am really shattered that India is now listed amongst the worlds most dangerous nation.

    You people are really lucky being in Portugal.
    However I am lucky to be born in Goa even being an Indian.

  • HI my friend

    posted by Deleted user in Goa forum 

    tell me about that terrorist action In India when i heard I shocked
    realy sorry about that....
    by thanks ~Hadi

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