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Looking for Hindi classes or coach

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I am in India for a few months and am hoping to learn some Hindi while here. Can anyone suggest a good language school, coach or tutor?

  • Mukund Chaskar

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    Namaste Nicole ji,

    shubh prabhaat / Good morning.
    aap kaise ho ? How are you ?

    Glad to know you are keen to improve Hindi skills.
    I have been teaching online professionally for seven years.
    I am willing to teach / give you Hindi conversation practice.
    Teaching is my passion. It's my endeavor to help Hindi learners.
    You are Welcome.
    How about taking trail lesson ? it will be self explanatory.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Have a nice time,

    dhanaywaad /thaks,
    fir milenge / will meet again,

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