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Axis Capital Group Business Funding is Definitely not a Scam Company

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All my life I have been told to take care of my credit so you get good interest and better offers, but it is until now that I feel that those words were truth thanks to Axis Capital Group Business Funding. I recently received a loan from them at a very low interest. Truth to be told I needed the money and wasn't sure were to get the money from with a good rate. I was doing the research and voala I found them here in while reading the reviews and decide to give it a shot.

They offer a very low rate and I am not sure but I think they offer flat rate (don’t take that for granted check first) currently depending on the time of the loan. To me that is very low for a personal loan.

My fear was that I have to login with my bank account thru their web page. It was the only drawback but they say it is secure and it is the only place I have put this information, so if something happened I know where to start looking. Plus I made some extra research thru the internet and the good reviews from here they look trustworthy to me.

I knew that if I apply for a loan anywhere else it would be denied because I recently move to Jakarta Indonesia and did a few transaction using my credit, plus I don't have a long credit history, or I would have been offered a high interest(+15%). I know from past experience not to mention my business is currently at risk.

I have a fairly good credit score +700, but don't have long history as mentioned before. Last year I applied for a loan with a bank and first they denied because I needed to be for 6month in my current jobs and after the 6 month I received the loan at 15% rate what??. So this time I needed the loan but with a new bank thanks Axis, I would definitively recommend them. Ohh and by the way is truth they call you to clarify points before making a decision, to me that is a good thing. It took me 1 week until I received the money in my bank account.

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