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Etiquette in Indonesia - what is customary?

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Hi all,

I am invited by a friend whom I met during my exchange year abroad to his home in Indonesia. I am really looking forward to going, but before, I need to prepare myself for the journey :-) Could you give me some tips of do's and don't while dealing with Indonesians? I already heard it is polite to take your shoes off when you enter a hosts home, I shouldn't stand or sit with my arms crossed. or that it is not polite to finish any drink all the way to the bottom of the glass :-) Any more advices?

Thanks a lot!


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    Hi Ulrik, Indonesia now has been a modern country. If you go to the big city like Jakarta, all almost the same like in you country. There is some regulation in the certain place like come in to a Mosque ( the place for Moslem people doing praying ). Usually the other place is now almost the same with your country.

    If you need some guide, you contact me. My name Teuku at email : [...]

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