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Marriage with person from indonesia

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hi. i've been looking everyhere fror some pieces of information to know how i can get married with a guy from indonesia. we're togheter for quite a long time now and wanna get married as soon as possible. the problem is that i live in romania. does anybody know what he can do? any advice is welcomed. thank you

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    hi, i was just googling about marriage between romania and indonesia, and found you on it..
    as i have the same problems too, that i am planning to get married with my bf who is a Romanian..
    maybe it's too late but i hope this is useful for you all
    take a look to this web

  • David Marsh

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    Hi Rafika Yotania, sorry to bother you, I just want to ask, my girl friend just went back to Indonesia, and I just want to know what are the rules for mirage over there? I really want to marry her, I will be so great full for any advice, I'm a Muslim from the united states. thanks.

  • Ika Riyasari

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    Hi Misa,

    I am an Indonesian and I have Slovakian fiance, soo I think that we have quite similiar condition.

    First both of u must decide where will will get married. I think you need to prepare :
    1. Passport
    2. Birth certificate
    3. Evidence of termination of all previous marriage, or declaration of single
    4. affidavits of citizenship and residence
    5. Certificate of no impediment
    You must legalize all of that papers in notary.

    Misa ask your boy friend to go to "Dinas Kependudukan dan Catatan Sipil" in Indonesia for further information.


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    nice to meet u here

    good wishes

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    He should come to your country but you have to help him to arrange some document for visa such as sponsorship letter from your family to announce that both of you will arrange marriage in your country. Or else you may come to Indonesia for marriage.

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