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accommodatian and cost of living in surabaya

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hi i hhave taken a darmsiswa scholarship. I will fly to surabaya in august I need some information about accommodation. boarding houses . rental apartment and their prices in surabya . plz help me

  • Maria Murliantini

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    you are welcome. Actually I live 6 hours drive from surabaya eventhough i was born in surabaya. its ok, anytime you need advice just feel free to call me.


  • Maria Murliantini

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    Hi friend,

    To live in Surabaya, its depend on what kind of school do you study. What kind of life style you want to have. For university student, ussually they rent boarding house/apartment special for student, in sby to live standart life, 1 room one person, bathroom inside, nice room with air conditioner, it will cost you approx Rp. 500.000 to 750.000 (Usd 80) per month. If you shre your room it can cost you start from 350-750thousand rupiah, depend what class of room.

    For meal in surabaya, if you eat in normall small kiost that ussually student eat, it is really cheap, one time eat you can spend around 1 usd, so 3xad day usd 3.

    Eeverything in Indonesia is very cheap. No really worry to live here.
    I can say for living, meal and accomodation you just prepare usd 200-250 per month is enough, some student even they can spend only 100 usd per month all in.

    good luck

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