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Experiences of the new coronavirus epidemic

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The main route of transmission of new coronaviruses is through respiratory droplets and contact transmission. Aerosols and fecal-oral routes of transmission need to be further clarified, but as long as we all pay attention to protection, we can effectively avoid infection. Here are five articles on the epidemic situation of the new coronavirus. Hope to help everyone.


The Chinese New Year in 2020 should have been lively, and the streets and alleys were in full bloom. But it became special because of the new type of coronary pneumonia, and the noisy streets of the past became deserted. At the beginning, I also heard of new pneumonia, and there were only a few cases, so everyone didn't pay much attention. Until January 23, the news reported that Wuhan was blocked. Everyone started to panic and began to be afraid.

But at this moment, an old man, Professor Zhong Nanshan, came forward. He analyzed the epidemic situation and urged everyone not to go to Wuhan as much as possible, and not to come out in Wuhan. Listen to Professor Zhong's analysis. We know that the outbreak virus originated from wild animals, because there are many viruses in wild animals, such as bats that carry more than 100 viruses. If humans eat wild animals, they will be easily infected, so we urge everyone not to eat wild animals and protect the ecological environment. Coronavirus is afraid of high temperature and alcohol. The virus dies in 30 minutes at 56 ° C. 75% ethanol and chlorine-containing disinfectant can effectively inactivate the virus.

In response to this epidemic, we must do the following:

1. Do not go to densely populated places. Such as: supermarkets, markets and so on. If you must go out, wear a mask.

2. Do good personal hygiene. Such as: frequent hand washing, disinfection and so on.

3. Pay attention to personal habits. Such as: do not spit out casually.

4, meat products can only be eaten after cooking at high temperature.

In China, we are actively fighting the epidemic. We actively cooperate with local governments and schools to report our daily situation to our teachers. We stay at home every day to rest without disturbing the motherland. Of course, we can read more newspapers and do meaningful things during the rest at home. Increase your knowledge, improve your ability, and lay the foundation for being a person like Professor Zhong. It is hoped that when danger comes, we will not be afraid, but we will overcome it with our own knowledge. When the people of the motherland need it in the future, we can also come forward. Unity is strength. Let us work side by side and work together to defeat this epidemic. I firmly believe that when the spring flowers bloom, we can still prosper together!


"As of 2020-03-01, 79,971 people were diagnosed in China, 851 were suspected, 2,873 died, and 42,053 were cured and discharged. The 2020 Chinese New Year is a little less joyful of reunion and a little more worried about the country. Every day In front of the people, it is not how to celebrate the Spring Festival in different places, but constantly changing numbers and severe epidemics, about where the virus came from, what symptoms should go to the hospital, when the epidemic peak comes ... Hundreds of millions of hearts across the country have been affected.

疫 Almost all areas of China have turned red on the epidemic map. Red represents confirmed cases. The source of the outbreak is Hubei City and surrounding provinces. At the national emergency, countless volunteer workers voluntarily asked for help, regardless of pay, fear of life and death, and rushed to the front line of the anti-Japanese war epidemic.


Since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, General Secretary Xi Jinping has attached great importance to it and made a series of important instructions. He has presided over a number of meetings and conducted research and deployment of the epidemic prevention and control work, emphasizing the need to firmly rely on the people to firmly fight the epidemic prevention and control. During the war, the party flag flew high in the front line of the fight against epidemic. Specially issued the "Notice on Strengthening the Party's Leadership and Providing Strong Political Guarantee for Winning the Outbreak Prevention and Control Suppression War", emphasizing the need to commit to the front line of prevention and control of the epidemic as the touchstone and whetstone for fulfilling the original mission and showing responsibility To transform the party's political advantage, organizational advantage, and close ties with the masses into a powerful political advantage for disease prevention and control.

This is a war without gunpowder, which is related to everyone's life and health. In this war, no one is an island. What we need is unity and action. We saw countless people stepping forward. In the face of the ruthless epidemic, the soldiers in white bravely rushed to the front, dragging their tired bodies to fight the sickness, and no one flinched. Countless police officers, cleaners, staff of the State Grid, etc. work hard to maintain the normal life of the people and the normal operation of infrastructure.

The epidemic situation is war, and prevention and control is anti-Japanese war. The sudden outbreak of the epidemic is accompanied by the emergence of rumors. As modern people, we have a certain theoretical foundation and the ability to discern right from wrong. We must be the propagators of the public's correct protective measures. Effective information, popularize the correct wearing method of masks, correct discarding methods of discarded masks, and correct hand washing methods, advocate not to go out of doors, no assembly, no meals, prevent epidemics at home, wear masks in public places, use scientific attitude to crush rumors, and relieve Everyone's nervousness and anxiety.


This is a war without gunpowder. With more than one billion people working together, the epidemic is no longer terrible. In the past month, the epidemic situation has progressed too quickly from "unknown cause pneumonia" in Wuhan to "new coronavirus pneumonia", and then from "closed city in Wuhan" to "primary response measures adopted by provinces and cities" In the face of these difficulties, under the leadership of our country's top leaders, all provinces and cities have also systematically implemented a commission, completed tasks, and jointly tackled the epidemic.


        Facing the epidemic, we must actively fulfill our social responsibility. The Internet is not a place outside the law, and the dissemination of information must comply with the law. In the face of the epidemic, everyone should exercise self-discipline, do not believe in rumors, let alone spread rumors, and always tighten the "fence" to prevent and control rumors and not give them any opportunity. The epidemic is not terrible. What is terrible is to stand up in front of the epidemic. For rumors, the most effective "shredder" is to release information in a timely, effective and accurate manner. Any malicious rumor maker who causes social panic and has an adverse social impact will be investigated for legal responsibility. In the face of the epidemic, we should be more sober, less obedient, not creating rumors, not listening to rumors, and not spreading rumors. With scientific understanding, rational response, and unity, we will surely win the battle against epidemic prevention and control.

If the lovely people in Iran need masks and other materials, you can leave a message. Although the epidemic in China is about to win, people in all countries are suffering. China is a peace-loving country. We are willing to help any friends who have difficulties.

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