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What are the biggest cultural mistakes tourists make in Iran?

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I am aware that in Iran there would be many unspoken rules and regulations of Iranian life. Could you tell me those that tourists often forget about? What are the biggest cultural mistakes tourists make and how to avoid them?



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  • mi na


    posted by  mi na in Iran forum 

    agha taha chera irano baraye ina intor tosif mikoni ina haminjori ham az esme iran mitarsan hala shoma intor ke gofty age mikhast biyad dige mosaref shodesh.

  • taha taheri

    posted by  in Iran forum 

    hi Ulker!
    for beginning; Iranian law is not difficult for you and it is interesting for foreigners.tell you most notably!!

    Women in Iran must have a scarf in everywhere.Iranians don't drink alcohol, And booze is prohibited. Pork is not found in Iran, and that is prohibited too.
    in city Bus seats for men and women are separated. and in tehran metro first and last wagon train is for women, and for men is prohibited.and in the rest Wagons are mixed! in coast of Iran, women can't wear Mayo, Except in designated locations, And without men.Speak loudly is not good.there is no freedom of expression in Iran and you should not express yourself political opinions.Respect for the Quran, Mosques, Islam, ayatollahs...however travel to Iran, is memorable...if you have question,ask me

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