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hi I'll be moving to ireland in the near future and I am trying to find out my best options for broadband. whether to go with mobile broadband or via the landline, can anyone help

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    Hello, it's 2 years later so how did it go?

    We're also about to re-locate to the Galway area and I basically have the same question.

    I can see on the website ( that there are various locations with "eir Fiber available now", but is there a practical way to identify which parts of the city (and nearby towns/villages) have broadband other than putting in every eircode and making a check one by one?

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    It depends on where you are planning to live. Many parts of Ireland have fibre, which is great if you are wanting super fast internet. But if you are sharing accommodation and you want your own line, then mobile is really handy. I was living in an apartment in Dublin and our phone lines weren't connected. So I signed up for broadband with Eircom and they were supposed to come out and connect it. Basically they continually pretended to make appointments to do it then never showed up. They would then leave me on hold for hours when I would ring them to find out what happened, and then they told me that I couldn't leave an official complaint because since my line wasn't yet connected I wasn't "technically" a customer. Anyway, after 4 weeks of this I ended up going to three and getting a mobile broadband wifi device on 4G and it cost the same as the broadband. Its been a great device, I can connect up to 10 devices to it and it's handy because if you are travelling around Ireland but have limited data on your phone, you can just use this device. You can find out more about connecting to Internet and mobile services here

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