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Have you thought of changing your career?

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What would it take to change your career?
I've worked in office administration for most of my life. But when the lockdowns started and I was made redundant, I realized that as much as I enjoyed the stability and comfort of my full-time permanent job, my job was never truly permanent. The sense of security my job gave me wasn't going to last. I understood that there is no job stability in an unstable economy.
Because I like to keep productive and because I didn't want to be reliant on anyone else or on the job market, I decided to become self-employed. I searched for a business that will have the capacity to get me where I wanted to be, that will allow me to reach my goals and my full potential. It took me a while to sieve through multiple opportunities, but eventually I found the right one for me.
I'm passionate about learning and growing, so I was delighted to partner with a company in Personal Development. Together we offer excellent coaching programmes and for the first time in my life I'm actually excited about my work. Seeing how the courses help people transform their lives is awesome! And being generously rewarded for what I do makes it even better. I am so grateful and honored to be an associate of this company and a part of this fantastic community that sometimes I think that the lockdowns and me loosing my job were some of the best things that ever happened to me. They were a trigger, a kick in the butt, a wake up call, a nudge - whatever you want to call it. They made me think about alternative options. They made me think about my life, about future, about what I want for my family. They made me want to do something, take back control of my life. And here I am, happier than ever in my career, building my business, developing myself and helping others. For the first time in ages I'm upbeat about the future.
What are your thoughts on job stability and security? Do you have any experiences with misfortune that led you to greater things?

P.S. Curious about what I do? Why not ask me directly.

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