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Hi everyone,
I have recently relocated to Dublin in order to gain international experience within a multicultural working environment and to experience living in Ireland.
I am looking for a new challenge and I am particularly interested in international company as I am Slovak with Czech, Italian and English language skills. I have 6 years background as a Processing officer in Share Service Centre at department Purchase to Pay.
I am open to new opportunities as I am able to learn new tasks quickly with a strong attention to detail, in a precise manner.
My office´s experience are included processing high volumes of incoming invoices, reporting activities or technical skills in SAP Fi-CO, MS Office in fast-paced environment where met with monthly deadlines and working under pressure.
Personally I am quick learner, hard worker and flexible who wants to grow professionally.
Do you know someone about some job in Dublin?
Thank you a lot for your help.
Have a lovely day

  • Serzh Babich

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    Dear Andrea,
    Here is a Job Opportunity in Dublin I want to propose you - Mystery Shopper / Auditor.
    No permits needed , no race restrictions.
    We have coverage all over the Europe and Central Asia (except China and India).
    We use PayPal as one of the safest methods of payment so your bank data can`t be uncovered.
    We have 30-45 days of payment period after the visit, depends of wave terms.
    Payment is from 15 to 80 EUR per hour (mystery visit + filling up the survey on the site), depends of the scenario you choose.
    We have 10 EUR payment for each recommendation, in case the person you recommend made a successful visit with no scenario failure.
    We cover all travel expenses in case you agree the amount before the visit with your assignment manager.
    You can select a few visits that fit your route when you are on vacation or holiday trip.
    In case of perfect scenario following during 1 year period you becomes a certified MSPA mystery shopper / auditor. That makes your rating higher and now all MS companies in your region ask you to work for them.

    Hope that suits.
    Contact me if you are interested.

  • Go to Colleen Mitchell's profile

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    Finding a job can be really tough in Dublin, but your language skills could be a real advantage because there are lots of multinational companies here. Just make sure that you have a Dublin address and phone number on your resume to show that you are already living here and not just planning to move, this does help. Have you tried contacting agencies? They are usually looking for people with your kind of skills. There is also a job website called Admin Jobs that might be helpful to you.
    This website also has a list of all the job websites particular to each industry, recruiting agencies and also tips and other avenues for finding work:

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