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My spanish for your english!

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Hi, we are two girls friends, We are 17 years old and we want go to Ireland to learn english.
We want stay there in a tipycal family of Ireland for learn more.
we want go 2 o 3 weeks in July and after you can go with us at Spain and we learn you speak spanish 2 o 3 weeks !
It is a change of lenguage!
what do you think about these idea?
My name is Elena and my email is [...]

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    you have nice name dear Elena Sánchez Ferrández
    i sending you friend request ,may name is ashi chauhan in that account so add me plz
    take care

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    hi,good mornoing ,no i live in barcelona , iam 25 year old what about you ? .i was live in valencia in 2008 or 09 in metro jesus but in 2009 i move in barcelona ,last year i was holland in amsterdam doing work of driving .add me on facebook please better way to conect in life ,take care ur self dear and have a nice day ,cuidate

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    I'm fine thanks! How old are you? I'm from Valencia
    Do you live in Ireland?

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    hi elena how are you ? i hope u r doing good , my name is ashi and also living barcelona as well can we friend ,which part are you from in spain and i wil sending req on your facebook account i hope you add me soon

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