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What's the best place to live in Ireland?

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I'm thinking about going to Ireland for a while and I wonder what would be a nice place to live? Which regions could you recommend me?

Thanks, Gonzalo

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    That's according to ratings from people who live there.
    Some other good places are:

    Dunsany, Meath.
    Courtmacsherry, Cork.
    Crossmolina, Mayo.
    Camp, Kerry.
    Clonakilty, Cork.

    Some places to avoid are Jobstown in Dublin and poor old Limerick City.

    Some more interesting observations and opinions are at

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    galway and cork you can feel more the irish life and have some options to go out and enjoy yourself.
    Dublin.. for f*ck sake!!
    Anyway, the weather it's the same sh*t in all regions over there.
    have fun!

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    Hi Gonzalo!
    The following website contains a very nice article, including descriptions of the different regions of Ireland!

    Bye, Adele :)

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