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I want to live and work in Dublin: how many chances I have?

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Hello everybody, I am a 34 years old Italian guy just returned to my home country from London, where I've been living and working as bartender for six months. I am about to move again in January, I really would like to go to Dublin because I have a deep love for the Irish culture, and I have to say all the Irish I met in London were really lovely and friendly people.

I have a degree in Foreign Languages and speak, read and write very good English and Spanish, I am also learning German. I have work experience in many different branches: I worked as picker and packer in a wholesale market, telesales agent, customer care, secretary, editor and translator for a publisher, forklift driver, bartender, and more.

What I ask you is: are there chances to work in Dublin for a foreigner today? I am ready to do any job, I just want to move there and be able to afford a rent and some beers. Would you recommend me to come, or would you say maybe it's better to go elsewhere? I thank you for the answers, and sorry if this post was a bit long and maybe not so original, but I am trying to make up my mind before I buy the ticket for the trip.

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