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Do you want to be happy

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. We convince ourselves that our lives will be better after we get married

I welcome Tflana,,,,
Or another child after him,,,
Thus, the quorum of frustration because our children are still young,,,,
We believe that things will be fine as soon as the progress of the children age,
Thus, once again disappoint, because our children have reached adolescence now,,,
And the belief that we will begin immediately after the rest of this period of their lives,,,
And then tell ourselves that we will be better off when we get a new car, and travel and, finally, to even retire.

Indeed, there is no time to live happily is better than now.
Is not now, when then?

Your life is always filled with challenges,,,
Therefore, it is better to decide the biggest live happily in spite of all challenges.

He always seems that real life is about to begin.
But every time there was the plight must be overcome, an obstacle on the road must be crossed, the work to be done, a debt to be paid, and time must be spent, in order to begin life.

But I finally began to understand that this was the life.
This view helped me to understand later that there is no way to happiness.
Happiness is the road itself.
Price, therefore, every moment.

Do not wait until the school, to return from school, to hide a little weight, increase the weight a little, to start a new business, to marry, to inform the end-time Wednesday or Friday morning, to get a new car, new furniture, the come spring or summer or autumn or winter, or be the end of the month or a month of leave, to be broadcast on the radio song, to die, be born again.
In order to be happy

Happiness is a journey, not received
No better time to be more than happy now
Live and enjoy the present moment

That unknown

Now the duty of thought to these questions:
1. What are the names of the five wealthiest people in the world?
2. What are the names of Miss World for the last five years?
3. What are the names of a Nobel Prize for the last ten years?
4. What are the names of a best actor Oscar for the last ten years?

Can not answer? These are hard questions is not it?
Do not be afraid, no one Itzlm all.

Cheers to die and disappear, and decreases
Awards home to dust
Winners will be forgotten after a short period

Duty now to these questions:
1. Give the names of three professors influenced you in your school.
2. Give the names of three friends and you stood at the time of Hdtk.
3. Think of some people who think you Djalok that special someone.
4. Give the names of five people you like and eliminate your time with them.

These questions is easier than that, right?

Persons who work with you anything in life, no one Inathm they are the best in the world, did not win awards, not the world's wealthiest men.
These are the people who care about you, and your caring, and challenging circumstances, to stand next to you in time of need.

Think of this for a moment

Life is too short

And you, to any combination of the two above belong?

Let me help you.

You are not among the most famous in the world, but one of the persons who, when reminded that you would like to add words.

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