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Au pair in Italy near Rome looking fpr English friend

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Hi huys

Ive recently just moved to Italy as a 6month placement as an au pair. Im into my 3rd week and its been amazing. I am located in orvieto which is an historial town with loots of character. Its at that stage now where i am becoming alittle isolated. I have lots of free time and looking for an english speaking person to share my adventure with and bexome friends.

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  • Gina Rose

    posted by  in Italy forum 

    Hey, i have just started Au pairing in Rome, so if anyone is around for July id be more than happy to meet up and enjoy the experience with someone! :) Gina x

  • Alexandra Bentley

    Aupairing in Italy

    posted by  Alexandra Bentley in Italy forum 

    Hello! ive just started aupairing in italy and im wondering if their is anyone else also here for work or au pairing as i've not met anyone yet! Im situated in Naples here till september! :)

  • katherine holland


    posted by  katherine holland in Italy forum 


    I'm in Rome for the next week and then I'm moving to Bolsena for a month. I've not met anyone yet and I think it's going to be harder in the next place so I would love to meet up with someone in the next week?

  • posted by  in Italy forum 

    Hi emily email me at [...] and we will arrage to meet

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    posted by  Inez Botta in Italy forum 

    Yeah you must of been top choice. I'm here until August but I need to find another aupair job/English teaching job until end of sept. Goodluck with Italian, don't freak if you can't understand it at all when you first got there it took me a couple of days to get back in the swing of it all! Let me know how you like it!! Safe travels xo

  • Emily Adams


    posted by  Emily Adams in Italy forum 

    Oh man, really? I knew they had heard from about thirty other girls, and it was the longest month and a half until they picked me--it was hugely important to them that I understood some Italian. Are you in Torino for the rest of the summer, or is the family on holiday? I get to Italy tomorrow, actually! I've been reviewing Italian like a crazy person these last few weeks, but I'm starting to think it's useless just reading it, so we'll see how it's applied in real life when I get there tomorrow. Fingers crossed about the tantrums ahaha

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    Hey Emily I'm aupairing right now in Torino... But the family you are aupairing for in Orvieto I was also going to aupair for a bit but they chose you first haha. I'm loving it here, are you liking it there?? Made many friends with other young people in orvieto yet? Oh and how is your italian going... Mine is going pretty non existant as i can only speak inglese with the kids and kost of myd friends are english speaking aupairs hahaha.. Hope your italian is going more succesful and the little boy isnt throwing too many tantrums.. Xox

  • Emily Adams

    posted by  in Italy forum 

    Well, that's a relief :) I guess my biggest language concern left is the three-year-old boy I'll be watching throws tantrums when he isn't understood, but I'm there to teach him and his sister English as well so we'll see how that goes.

  • orvieto

    posted by Deleted user in Italy forum 

    Hi, i will be honest i dont speak any italian and i get by, my whole purpose of being here is teaching the kids englishso its not that important for me! But i pick up alot from the kids and some italians speak good english!

  • Emily Adams

    posted by  in Italy forum 

    I get there June 1st! My concern is mostly the first month, particularly the first week or two, because I haven't heard any Italian in a year so my level with it is going to be atrocious.

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