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Hi. I will be moving to Florence in October. My local bank will not do international wire transfers unless I request them in person. I am a retired teacher and my benefit payment can not be sent to a foreign bank, although they will send it to any U.S. bank. So, I have been searching for days for the best options in terms of ease and cost for paying my bills in Italy using a bank in the U.S. However, I have been told that the receiving bank in Italy will also charge a transfer fee. My landlord said he would have to charge me for that fee on top of my rent. With that, I will be paying fees on both ends! Can anyone suggest how to best handle money matters with the requirement that I receive my benefit payment in a U.S. bank? Thanks in advance!

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    Ma'am it depends.
    Everything depends on the type of account you got and the amount you actually pay: how much are these fees ?? How many people on that account?
    How often you get back to visit your family?

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