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Forex - earning money

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Hi all.

I have been working for a while Japan, and managed to save a bit.

I am looking to make some extra money and a friend recommended trading Forex? Does anyone know how to do this? Which platform to use? I would like try out first, before using real money.

Please all Forex experts out there .... advice :D

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    forex trader

    posted by  peter opend in Italy forum 

    u can do forex but before that you should learn and trade on demo account a lot, read books and different stuff like that
    for demo account try that game

  • Dave Fasco

    posted by  in Italy forum 

    I am a proffessional writer and can give lessons in english

  • Dave Fasco

    Trading forex hey?

    posted by  Dave Fasco in Italy forum 

    Well it all depends on what you are hoping to trade, currencies, other commodities or football teams which can also be quite lucrative in the long run
    stay blessed

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    hi you can try etoro

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