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    a job in Italy

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    "If you do not speak Italian, what do you plan to do? (...) ".(Maristella Scicchitano)

    Your answer is a bit far from being kind, Maristellla.
    I do not ask you for anything and I will not.

    Yes, I have seen the rubbish, and I have seen some other things while being there.

    I have two University diplomas, and I will leave to you this kind of job that you mentioned.
    I have an offer of a job according to the level of my education, but I am still considering if I should agree to take it.

    And Italian is not so difficult to learn either, so your comment is simply not kind, not to say - rude.

    Don't worry about your job of cleaning toilets then. I will not take it from you for sure.

    I wish you good luck.

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