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Marrying an Italian citizen

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I am an American planning to come to Italy to marry an Italian citizen. Does anyone have any information on the paperwork required? I did not intend to get a visa because it is not required for short duration stays. Is it absolutely necessary that I have one? I want to become a resident if I can. Please help if you have any information...

Thank you,


~Sono un americano di pianificazione di venire in Italia per sposare un cittadino italiano. Qualcuno ha qualche informazione sui documenti necessari? Non ho intenzione di ottenere un visto, perché non è richiesto per soggiorni di breve durata. E 'assolutamente necessario che io ho uno? Voglio diventare un residente, se posso. Si prega di aiutare se avete qualche informazione ...

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    If you look for information (bureaucratic and organization) on marriage in Italy visit

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    Hi everyone,

    I'd also like to know that time required to apply for Italian citizenship after marriage is six months if the couple is living in Italy? or the law has changed now?


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    Hi Katja,
    Hi, glad to hear your interview went off well,fingers crossed-am sure you'll get the job!Thx for your advice, i'll try and do like you suggested.
    If I do come to Bologna,I'll inform you, we can do a coffee together if you come this way too!I prefer Florence to Bologna also,it's so much more pretty!I love travelling and the other cities I like in Italy are Venice and Turin, though I was there for just a few days.I go to Rome quite often,I like it for it's historical monuments, except the chaos on the roads!
    Anyway, I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead & good luck once again for monday!

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    You're welcome Pragya :)

    Your english is not just good, it's perfect :) You should try to find a job in some american/english company. Or in a company that has contacts abroad. And of course, learn little by litlle italian. But that comes in time.

    My interview went very well. They'll call me on Monday for further details. I hope for the best.

    Have to tell you that I had never been in Civitanova. Hope that you like it! Bologna is not bad, although I prefer Rome and Florence rather than Bologna. But...there's nothing much to do :)

    Should you come to Bologna in the near future, we could arrange a coffie time. :)

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    Hi Katja,
    Thanks for adding me! I'm glad you're perfect in Italian (I guess I'll have to start learning it soon),I can just understand & make a little conversation so as not to get lost!
    A little bit about me. My full name is Pragya & I'm from the N.E of India, been in Italy since June with my husband (we tied the knot 2 years ago). My English is good & I've done my TEFL at Chiangmai University,Thailand.Besides that,my other educational qualifications might not be of much use here, I think (I have a Masters in Geography)!
    I live in Civitanova Marche, a busy little city,not far from Bologna. Perhaps you've visited this area in the summers, when it's really crowded & hot!I have been to Bologna a few times, once for a Conference. It's an interesting place but I am not very familiar with it.
    Anyways, I hope you get the job, not many people know English as well as you do!
    Bye & stay in touch!


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    I am almost a year here and I've quite lost my mind. Above all my Italian is perfect. I am sending my CV's almost every day. Finally, I've got the residence ( in Bologna ) and finally I can make some steps.
    An ordinary job. In a duty free shop. They require the knowledge of english language. Although I have no experiences in working in a shop. But, hey, If I would not be able to figure it out in 3 days, you can kill me instantly :)

    Where exactly do you live in Marche?

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    My best wishes,am sure you'll manage!By the way,what sort of job is this?I find it almost impossible to find any in this region(Marche), especially coz I don't know Italian!

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    Thank you. Tomorrow I have a job interview! Thank God and Whitesnow elfies! :)))) Wish me luck ;)

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    Glad you managed Katja,good luck in Italy!

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    Hi Noa & Penda,

    Please translate the official documents you have from English to Italian but before that,visit the Italian Embassy,find out the rules, since they need to attest them,coz they arent valid otherwise.However,consult your lawyer, since you're still not married & this might work against you.Probably your fiance should do the needful from Italy,it's easier.
    My husband (prior to marriage),had his documents translated too,by the Municipal office and I had to do the same.Your birth certificate,education certificate(showing date of birth ),passport details may be required but do check first.
    Good luck!

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