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Wanted to know about the public school system in Italy for High School. I have looked and searched online and it always takes me to websites that really do not give me much information. Can someone let me know and/or send me a link to the public education/high school information in italy.
Thank you.

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    There are many types of High Schools in Italy. They are all 5-year long, and end with a state examination marked out of 100 points. The subjects that are studied change with the main focus of the school chosen, but there are some subjects, like maths and Italian, that are part of the curriculum everywhere. On average, about 10 subjects are studied every year and school is Monday to Friday or Saturday, depending on the school. The schools known as 'licei' generally prepare people for university. Main types of licei are scientifico, focused on science, classico, focused on humanities, linguistico, where you study languages and finally, human and social sciences. There are also technical schools, focused on mechanics, IT, chemistry and biology, among others, and professional schools.
    For more info check out this page:

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    It doesn't work like that

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    they are not very hi tech in that sense.
    Are you already in Italy ? What do you need to know?

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