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Received carta d'identita in error

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Hi. A friend was able to obtain a carta d'identita using a tourist rental contract. Additionally, he was not home when the police came to verify where he is living. As a result, the Comune sent him a letter stating that he must provide documentation to verify where he is living, such as utility bills in his name, within ten days. Apparently, the person who sent the letter is not aware that he has a tourist rental agreement and not a resident rental agreement. He was told by someone not to worry about it and to just submit his resident rental agreement when he obtains one (which could be months away), so he is ignoring the letter (I suggested that he visit the Comune office within the ten-day time limit and talk to them). Question: will the Comune do anything about having issued him a carta d'identita in error? I would hate to see him get into some tangle over this. Thanks.

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    Thanks for your reply, but he did not intend to commit fraud. He didn't know that he couldn't apply with a tourist rental agreement and the worker at the city office took the rental agreement and said nothing, then issued him a carta d'identita. The question was what he should do since the city made the error.

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    You cannot get an identity card for being a turist.
    That's cheating the government !!! That's a fraud You should report him immediately to the authorities , so they will wait for him at the airport and send him to jail forever. I've seen everything in my life but such an horrendous illegal identity issue, never. report him immediately or you'll get minimum 10 years for abetment , got it ?

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    More information.

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    I should have added that he is not an E.U. citizen.

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