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Us Citizen with Italian father/Filipino mother seeking Dual Citizenship

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This may be a shot in the dark but I'm going to try anyway!

I am currently a US Citizen in the process of getting dual citizenship for Italy. My father was born in Italy and my mother was born in the Philippines. One of the documents I need for the process is her birth certificate, which I ordered through the E-Census service of NSO Philippines.

But I just reviewed some details on the Italian Consulate in Los Angeles (where I will be submitting the application for Italian citizenship) and for my Mom's birth certificate, because it is a non-US document, it states:

"All documents from COUNTRIES OTHER THAN THE U.S.A. must comply with the local regulations on the legalization of documents, they must be translated into Italian and the translation certified by the Italian Consulate/Embassy in the Country where the document was issued (may contact any Italian Embassy/Consulate in the world by logging on to the pertinent web sites."

I'm quite confused about how to come about the above. I looked into it online and I can't find how the Philippines legalizes documents (/birth certificate sin my case) as apparently they do not have apostille agreements. If anyone has been in a similar situation where they needed their birth certificate legalized and certified-translated, I'd appreciate any advice! Thank you!

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    There are Translation agency that are recognized by consulates, and they usually are able to translate in more than one language. Go there ask for a list and then check them out.
    Alternatively go to the Philippines' embassy and ask there to translate the certificate into english, and then go to wherever and have it translated into italian

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