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Where is the best place to live in Italy?

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Me and my Girlfriend are looking at moving to Italy. What suggestions do you guys recommend for places to move to??

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    I live in Abruzzo: this is a district not much populated (only 1.500.000 peoples) whit beach and mountains (The Grans Sasso d'Italia is the higer mountain of Centre Italy. The region in not expensive and more of peoples lives in the most important town (Pescara, on the sea, it's a town very touristic, glamour, probabilly the most important and expensive town in the district. On summer it's full of peoples, and pollution... night and morning very noises and interesting, but also dirty and it's have all the problem of a big town (more of 125.000 peoples that on summer arrive until 250.000). L'Aquila is the capital of the district Abruzzo, but after Heartquake it's a ghost town, in the middle of the mountains, If you like live in small town Abruzzo is full of this village, the prices are more cheap than on the town, and the nature is very good, and full of life. I live in Chieti, it's a quiet town whit two archeologica museum and an university, but the center is very bored, Chieti Scalo it's the area of University, Train Station and more Commercial Centres, the quality of life is not very good, but Pescara is only at 18 km. The coast of Abruzzo it's very expensive from Pescara until the north (Montesilvano, Giulianova, Pineto ecc) If you go until Vasto, the coas it's wilder after Francavilla al Mare. The weather on summer are hot and damp on the coast, and cold and windy on winter, on mountain the summer is more fresh and dry whit occasinally rains, on winter it's very cold and frozen on night, whit more snow on the mountains (Maiella and GranSasso)

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    Thanks very much, that is really insightful. We are both looking to learn Italy anyway so that's not too bad. We are looking for a nice beach town/village, we are looking at living somewhere not on the actual beach but somewhere close to the beach, possibly 10-15 minute walk to it. It was good hearing about the weather differences between the North and South, this is a big factor for us.

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    I lived in the south, Puglia, for 6 months, there is a definite divide between the south and north of Italy. The south is poorer, and cheaper to live, you will find less English speakers there too. The north is more European and the weather isn't as nice. It depends what you want and whether you already have jobs. I loved living in the south and I learnt more Italian as I was forced to!

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