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I'm from Ireland and am living in the area of Sorrento. (Typical girl meets boy story and girl moves country thing).

Anyway, I've been trying to locate a significant expat society here. I'd especially like to meet some other women to befriend. I'm so far stuck with my potentially future mother in law and the rest of my boyfriend's family....and while they're are nice and everything I need some English speaking freinds!!

I think it could be a nice idea also to set up some kind of women's expat society here....there does seem to be a few of us.

Looking forward to hearing from some of you.


  • purity w

    life in napoli

    posted by  purity w in Campania forum 

    hi Maria,iam an african from mombasa,kenya but living here in napoli since 15th april of this year.i have the same problem as you.i have a wonderful father-in-law and my husband family is great but it sure would be nice to speak english from A-Z without having to pause to try and explain something that i said in english!!!!!i miss home!!!!


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    Life in Sorrento

    posted by  Maria Mangan in Campania forum 

    Hi Purity. Let me know if you're going to be in Sorrento some time and we can maybe have a coffee. When I know in advance I'll be heading into Naples also I can let toy know. How are you getting on generally? How's your Italian?


  • purity w

    life in napoli

    posted by  purity w in Campania forum 

    hi Maria,i sure will.thanks for your would be nice to meet you in person,taik and share italian still sucks abit,well not very bad because i can now understand some things,sometime taik though in broken sentences lol!!!

    i understand schools will remain closed here until end of summer,so till then,i will have to the way,last year i went to sorrento with my husband,its a nice place,i also bought alot of ''limoncelo''please forgive me abaut the spelling!!!!


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    life in Napoli

    posted by  Serena Fernandez in Campania forum 

    hi guys

    I moved to Naples at the start of this year from England. I know exactly what you mean. My Italian is not that great at the moment and would be nice to have a proper conversation with someone that understood me.


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    Some sort of club

    posted by  Maria Mangan in Campania forum 

    I'm in Sorrento. Would like to organise a monthly get together of some sort. In the process of getting some people together. don't know where or when but probably not till october.

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    sorrento expats

    posted by  linda schryver in Campania forum 

    I have been living in St Agata for nearly two years and have not found many other English speaking people. I came here to live with an Italian. He speaks very good English but as other people have said it would be nice to chat without having to explain or choose the right words. It would be good to share some of the 'interesting' aspects of life in Italy! I am 55, I was a nurse for 30 years in the UK and now teach English to private pupils. I am often in sorrento so would be able to meet there.

  • Sorrento expats and regular meets

    posted by Deleted user in Campania forum 

    Hi all
    I moved to Termini (near Sant.Agata) in February this year with my husband and little girl to take over a hotel/serviced residence and have found the social isolation somewhat challenging (despite having the family of my husband in Piano). It would be great to meet some other expats in the community and organise monthly meets. Please let us know if you are interested.
    Linda, we live very near by and it would be nice to catch up for a coffee.

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