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Why do foreigners know more about other countries than their own country?

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People always tend to go abroad and visit lots of places and they don't know a lot about their own country.

I met a lot of people here in Italy that wanted to leave their home country to start a new life. I asked them whether they want to return and most of them say that they want to stay in Italy .

My stay in Italy is temporarily and I'll be glad to go back home. Why do people willingly want to move for good to another country?

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    Why do people stay abroad

    posted by  Maria Mangan in Naples forum 

    Well for one if you're English (or Irish) the weather back there sucks. Also the grass is always geener on the other side perhaps? I like being here too becuase it's easier to traval around europe. (flying or taking a boat is not necessarily needed).

    I know my older sister moved back to Ireland from Florida after 5 years becasue she was tired of explaining that irish people do this or that......and was happy to come home where people understood her sense of humour.....I'm pretty happy for now though.

    What are you doing in Naples?

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