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Hi all,

My name is Paul, and I've been living in Trieste for a couple of years now. I enjoy living here, but I'm finding it difficult to meet people and start friendships. I'm turning here to see if there are any English speakers in the Trieste area who would like to meet up?
Anyone who is interested, please feel free to send me a message.



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    We are in USA but thinking of moving to Trieste in a couple of years when our twins are in 7th gr. My husband was born and rasised in Trieste and we've been to Trieste a_few times on vacation.we'd love to give kids an international experience, I'm trying to learn more about living there. We are considering the international school.

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    Hello all,

    I'm considering moving to Trieste for a while. I'd appreciate any it a nice place to live? I'm an Englsh teacher and speak Italian.
    Thanks! Kate

  • Paul B

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    Hi Elisa,

    It is very difficult to meet people here, and the language barrier is hard too. I would think that you could make a little headway here, seeing that you speak German, but Trieste is still a very closed off society. That's not to say people are cold or unfriendly, just very insulated.
    I'm here working as a teacher. I teach English language, history, geography, mathematics, art and P.E. I've been here for a few years now.
    As for how I handle the language....well, I can understand the language fairly well at this point, which helps quite a bit. As far as speaking it, I'm still VERY raw, so most of what I say is left to a few choice phrases that gets me through. Not ideal, but it helps me out.
    Any other questions, feel free to message me, or send me a private message.


  • Elisa W.

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    Ciao Paul

    I`m german and living in Triest for two months now. First off all i am surprised that almost nobody
    speaks english here.
    I`m looking for a job here but my italien is not that great yet and slowly i start mixing up all the languages :(.
    Now i`m interested how you got here and what kind of job you have. How do you handle the languages?
    Will you let me know?


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