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    Hi Elisa,

    It is very difficult to meet people here, and the language barrier is hard too. I would think that you could make a little headway here, seeing that you speak German, but Trieste is still a very closed off society. That's not to say people are cold or unfriendly, just very insulated.
    I'm here working as a teacher. I teach English language, history, geography, mathematics, art and P.E. I've been here for a few years now.
    As for how I handle the language....well, I can understand the language fairly well at this point, which helps quite a bit. As far as speaking it, I'm still VERY raw, so most of what I say is left to a few choice phrases that gets me through. Not ideal, but it helps me out.
    Any other questions, feel free to message me, or send me a private message.


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