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Chinese Food In Genoa, Italy

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Hi all,

I was wondering is there anyone out there living in Genoa / Milan and knows if there is some Chinatown markets selling chinese food stuff..


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    Thanks Waleed..

    I somehow manage to find some Chinese groceries shop here but they dun look very fresh...

    I juz came back from China for biz trip and bought a ton of food :p

    Btw, I am living here.


  • severin L.C

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    there are chinese restaurants and even chinese foodmarket in genoa, savona, albissola, varazze, cogoleto, arenzano, vado ligure... you wont miss spring rolls and noodles :-)

  • waleed Arayis

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    hi elene,
    yes in milano there is many shops for chines food and restourants , about GENOVA, I think there will be same ,but since i'm not levening over there, i don't know , if you want i can give you address for milano , but are you living in italy?,waleed

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