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Moving To Milan

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Hey guys and girls,

How you all doing?

Well I have been offered a job in Milan that starts on 5th September. Can anyone offer me any advise on NOT getting scammed when looking for a property to rent.

Agency fee's are so expensive so maybe I can rent private! So many scammers out there.

And advice would be great.

Have a great weekend!

  • Decio Denis Bernardo

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    Too dangerous

  • posted by  in Lombardy forum 

    Hi, very interesting to read your post. Please tel me why i should avoid these areas?

  • Decio Denis Bernardo

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    Try to look something on or in the wall of the university, but only for share something.

    I lived near Piazzale Lagosta, artistic place, do you know where is your company? Look near metro stations, but avoid Viale Padova and Piazzale Loreto going to north

  • Gio Terzi

    no need to go to an agency...

    posted by  Gio Terzi in Lombardy forum 

    there are many web resources where you can look for rents, just find somewhere for the first week...


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