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Are their many non-Italians living in and loving Piemonte?

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Hello - I'm considering moving my London life to Piemonte to buy and old house and open a small B&B, somewhere near Asti/Nizza. Am I crazy?

Anyone out there with hotel experience/knowledge who can advise on how the tourism market is doing?


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    Hi Steve, how are you?

    You are not crazy! I know a lot of people who did it and they are having a great time and experience related with tourist.
    Personally, we have the same idea although we are little more advanced cause we already bought land near Orta lake, next to Maggiore lake.

    Obviously, the tourist market will depend of the place you choose to move yourself and family. Area around northern lakes is great and full of tourism; around Torino as well.. it depends. Asti/Nizza area is wonderful as well so I repeat, you are not crazy!

    I hope to I've helped you.


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