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I'm looking for my family in Treviso and Venice.. they came to Brazil in 1891: my bisnonno Angelo Marchesin (or Marchesini) and my bisnonna Mariana Treviso (or Trevisi).. pls let me know if you are one of my family.


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    Hey Silvia. I have no info about your family, but I wanna give you an address in which you might try to ask for a little help. It is the association Raixe Venete-Veneto Nostro, this is their website: They have also some contacts with the venetan community in the south of Brazil.
    Marchesini is a quite common surname in Veneto, also in Vicenza, so I think it will not so easy to find out about your family. Do you know to speake venetan language (or the exactly same thing called "talian" in Brazil)? This would be very useful for you since the venetan language is widely spoken here while elderlies doesn't speak english at all.
    If you need some more help try to write me in private: "claudio" dot "g" dot "hutte" at gmail dot com (remove quotes).
    Good luck!

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