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I think once in your life you should have travelled to Venice! ;)
I didn't do it yet, so I wonder what it would cost me for one weekend? I mean things like a hotel, having a diner in a real Italian restaurant, maybe entries for visiting the cathedrals and of course a ride in a gondola ;)

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    i think you are wrong all together. Venice is not so expensive. It's only difficult to behave in the right way in a city totally different. First things you can do are wrong things, so you have no way out to pay a big amount of your error.
    a weekly ticket for metro in paris costs near 40 euro, the same in venice for boats. Most of hidden museum are cheap , but tourist always go into stupid demonstration of modern art (i love art, i hate stupid demonstration without meanings). this happens in town where you can see the bigger amont of architectural history ever. and all of this is formerly free
    this city could be the cheapest one if you come in gently, knowing her first.

    milan or florence are much more expensive
    rome is very cheap

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    I have been to Venice more than 10 times. I never get tired of it.
    I lived in Italy for 2 years in Vicenza which is a short distance from Venice. One weekend I would go to Venice and the other week-end I would go to Verona.


    Venezia è una città famosa. A Venezia ci sono sempre molti turisti. Nella
    piazza principale i turisti ed i veneziani parlano con molto entussiasmo.

    Nella piazza ci sono molti palazzi e una chiesa bellissima.
    Ci son anche moltissimi piccioni. (peak-CHOH-nee) pigions

    I turisti fotografono i piccioni, i palazzi, e la chiesa.(key-EH-sah) I veneziani, invece
    prendono il caffè seduti ai tavolini e parlano della gente che passa. Passano bellissimi
    ragazzi e bellissime ragazze. Le ragazze veneziane sono molto elegante.

    A Venezia ci sono gondole invece di automobile. Le gondole sono molto romantiche.

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    Hi Anneke, thanks a lot for this article!
    Venice seems in fact really expensive, but I think a weekend spent there would be a good investment, wouldn't it? ;)


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    Hi! I found this in the internet, I think it has some useful information:

    There is no getting round the fact that Venice is the most expensive city in Italy. If you're on the least luxurious of expeditions - camping, walking wherever possible, cooking your own food - it would just about be possible to get by on £30/$45 a day. Assuming, though, that you share a double room in a one-star hotel, eat out in the evenings, and go to a museum each day, your minimum will be nearly twice that amount. Even in the dead of winter there are few double rooms in Venice costing less than L120,000/€62 - that's £20/$35 per person, even when the exchange rate is at its most favourable, and a strict diet of coffee and croissant ( cornetto ) in the mornings, a picnic at lunchtime and pizza in the evening will account for another £15/$23 at least. Add onto this the cost of the odd entrance fee and boat ticket, and you've passed the £45/$65 mark before you know it. Allowing for the occasional excursion onto the mainland and other contingencies, it's reasonable to budget for a basic outlay of £50/$75 per person per day for a summer trip to Venice. However, if you want to enjoy the occasional special meal or do a bit of shopping without worrying that your money will run out before the end of your holiday, you should set aside about £40/$60 per day as your spending money, not counting accommodation costs . And don't forget that, as ever, costs are higher for the person travelling alone: for single rooms, you'd be doing well to find anything for less than 75 percent of the cost of a double room.

    Enjoy your trip! :)

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