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new friends in venice :)

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hello everyone! i am going to be moving to a little town near venice in septemeber to be an au pair to a great family! :-)
I am looking for friends in that area to go for a drink or to see a film or something when i arrive.
I am a happy, friendly person, am 21 and live in wales (uk) at the moment!
If you fancy meeting send me a message, post back or add me as a friend!

Also can anyone tell me some more about what venice is like, you just seem to fin touristy stuff when u look around!
Thanks for reading!

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  • charles seck

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    ciao se voi possiamo vederci quando sei a venezia,to mack fren

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    I hope you have a good time.I have been living in Verona for years and I can say that Italy is a fantastic country - I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself. Anyway I come from Ireland and if u need any help or suggestions, just give me a shout. Sean

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