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Looking for other Expats to meet up

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Hi Everyone,
I am looking for other expats to meet up with. Maybe coffee, a walk, dinner etc! Looking forward to it!

  • Anastasia Khibova

    posted by  in Verona forum 

    Hey Ada!! this thread def looks more like messages in a bottle lol, in fact I totally forgot about mine)) Anyway yes, I'm still in Verona and would love to catch up. I'll see if I manage to dm you my number!

  • Ada Bannova

    posted by  in Verona forum 

    Hi Anastasia!!! I am Ada and I would absolutely love to meet up! Are you by any chance still in Verona? :)

  • Renee Neri

    Hi Mimi

    posted by  Renee Neri in Verona forum 

    My name is Renee and I currently live in London but we are hoping to move to Verona in July 2019 (we are waiting on school spaces for my children) are you still living there, if so I would love to meet up.

  • Anastasia Khibova

    posted by  in Verona forum 

    Hey guys,

    Is there anyone who still wants to meet up in Verona? :) Would be glad to meet some new friends!

  • Mimi Otman

    posted by  in Verona forum 

    Good morning ladies,

    I moved to Verona in June, and I am finally ready to start making new friends. Please message me if you are still living here and would like to meet up.

    Have a lovely day,

  • Ki Allcock

    posted by  in Verona forum 

    Hi Lauren, I'm Ki and I'm from South Africa and I would love to meet up if you're still here?

  • reen nordin

    posted by  in Verona forum 

    Hi Lauren,

    How are you? My name is Reen just move back to Verona last January! Im from Malaysia, and if you are still here in Verona maybe we can catch up for coffee or Aperitivo!

    Can whastassp me at this no 3468521224


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