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Apartments & Housing for Sale in Sydney & Melbourne

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- Freehold, even for foreigner (Non PR)
- Price starts at AU$ 380,000 ~ 240,160 Pounds ~279,680 Euro up to more than AU$ 2 Millions.
- Size starts at 65.00 sqm up to more than 200.00 sqm.
- Apartments & Housing 1-5 Bedrooms in wide range of price, size, type, location & facilities.

- Address: Sydney CBD,Rhodes,Zetland,Central Park,Hyde Park, Jackson Landing,Homebush,Camperdown,Clemton,Crowsnest,Epping,Arnclif

fe,Lidcombe, Bonnyrigg,Little Bay,etc Melbourne CBD,Docklands,Victoria Harbour,Southbank,Travancore,Waverley,Greenville Lake,etc., Sydney And Melbourne, Sydney, Australia - Get directions

Through Penta Properties Int'l since 1992, Head Office in Sydney, Australia. Our Services include: Property Investment Consultation, Marketing Sales, Finance Mortgage/Home Loans, Management & Rentals.

With access of more than 60 projects in Sydney & Melbourne (Sydney CBD, Central Park, Rhodes, Zetland, Chatswood, Lidcombe, Bonnyrigg, Little Bay, etc-Sydney, Melbourne CBD, Southbank, Docklands, Point Cook, Waverley, Greenville Lake, etc-Melbourne) also other states in Australia, as well as in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Ampang, Petaling Jaya, Penang, Johor & Ipoh). Ready stocks & off plans.

Great opportunity for wealth creation & retire early. Australian property value doubled in every 7-9 years, rental returns 5-6% per year, capital gain 6-9% per year, total return: 11-15% per year. Demand is much more higher than supply. Bank loan up to 80% for max. 30 years (options: fix or floating interest). Pay 10% of unit price to settle, then pay the rest/start the installment after hand-over the unit key (no need to pay/non progressive payment during construction), friendly warmer climate, wonderful nature beauty, stable economic & politically.

Contact me, Maya, directly: +62-82134-891189, [...]

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