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English teacher as a non-native speaker

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A few weeks ago I've learned about the life of foreign English teacher in Japan. And I've read that Japan is desperate (hope it is the right word) for English teachers. I thought about it a lot. I came to the conclusion that I really want to go there to teach but there are still some hurdles. I am not a Native speaker and I don't have a college degree. That's why I wonder if I still would have a chance to work there. Let me give you a brief resume of my work and life:

I was born in 18987 in Germany where I did my A-levels, too. After that, I studied for a few semesters in the Netherlands (for being a German teacher). I stopped studying and went to England. There I worked as a German webmaster assistant ( this was mainly translation between English and German) and house help/ au pair for one and a half year. Then I went to Ireland and France to work as an English speaking Au pair; in each country I stayed one year. In the end, I came back to Germany and work as an English Speaker in a kindergarden for six months now.

Do you think I have a chance to go to Japan? If I use a working holiday visa, is there still a chance that I can work longer than one year?

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    I am a painting teacher in elementary grades, and it’s clear that we are quarantined now. I understand the seriousness of the situation and try not to leave home for no reason. It’s good that working as an academic writer in Paperell not only helps me not lose my mind, but also provides myself normally in this difficult time. The main thing is to panic less, treat hands and products. Everything will be fine.

  • Boerner Friederike

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    Hello Sabrina,

    I hope my reply is not too late, but I still thought I could help you.
    I just quit my job as an English teacher for 6 months in Japan. I studied English literature at the
    University of Potsdam and it was very easy for me to teach basic English and even advanced English to my
    Japanese students.
    I am sure you can do the same.

    Ich habe nicht einmal im englischen Ausland gelebt und hatte trotzdem keine Probleme beim Unterrichten.
    Wenn du noch mehr wissen willst, melde dich einfach bei mir. Ich helfe gern weiter.
    Liebe Gruesse!


  • Ledzi Riyadh

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    I think there is a certification you can find it in the British Council institutes. I think it is enough to be a certified English Language .

    I am talking generally, not in Japan only.


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