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What behaviour to avoid in Japan?

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I have never been outside of Europe before, so I would like to prepare myself before going to Japan next month. What are the common mistakes tourist do in Japan? What should be avoided? I already know you shouldn't blow your nose in public, walk on a tatami mat wearing shoes or leave the chopsticks standing upright in a bowl of rice.. What more should a tourist know so that they don't embarras themselves?

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  • Mohd Zaid Kadir

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    Beware of Yakuza.....but dont worry ..there are too many heroes in Japan...example - ultraman , ...LOL...
    Japan is a nice country with a very good people..they always respect the foreigner and guests...

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    To be courteous is more important than to be If you are in a foreign country give due respect especially to the elders

  • leona Perez

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    I being rude is a universal behaviour to avoid wherever you may go

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    Japanese know that foreigners don't know, they'll let you know. : ) Just be cautious when not sure what to do and they'll help.

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    Search Google, you will know everything.

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