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Teaching Subjects in English

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AHEAD Online now offers “Teaching Subjects in English”. In this tutorial program, core academic subjects like Math will be taught to participants, who have been receiving instructions in their native language, in English. With that, chances to score higher in ACT, SAT, and any other standardized tests will most likely increase, as participants, through learning English, will be able to get a head start on ACT and SAT’s Math and even keep ahead of the curve while associating with native English-speaking teachers.

The tutorial program may be stretched further to accommodate the needs of the participants especially in particular communication skills.

It should also be noted that this tutorial program is totally different from the English as a Second Language (ESL) such that it is not meant for beginning learners of English. Rather, it is for participants who have had extensive ESL program already–or are slightly exposed to English–but still need to strengthen their language foundations in order to enrich their grammar and vocabulary to easily adjust to an English speaking country.

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