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Driving Licensee in France

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Hello Everybody,

I have have Jordanian driving license and I am planing to have car here in France, I would appreciate if anyone can share me information regarding the license exchange rules here in france or if I can use my Jordanian License and if its the case for how long I can use it.

Cheeeeeers :)

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    Its very clear now.. thank you very much Anna..

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    Thank you Anna for your explanation, I have national Jordanian driving licence, and one expired International License, both are manual, I heard that in france the international is not recognized unless I will rent a car.. in both cases i will renew my International.

    Once more, thank you for your response..

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    Depends on the type of driving licence. Is it international? If not you can apply for one here in Jordan. And also depends on the automatic or manual car.
    With international you can drive in almost any country. I am planning to get one soon here in jo.

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