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American Expat Wants to Go Fishing in Kuwait!

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My name is Hutch and I am a American Expat living in Kuwait. I am very interested in taking a saltwater fish trip here in Kuwait, I have a few friends who are also interested in going. If anyone has any information about trips or charter information, or otherwise good places to fish in Kuwait, I would be greatly appreciative. Thank!

  • Sead Ramadani

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    Does anyone know if you need a fishing license for Kuwait? Where can I buy the gear, bates, etc ?

  • fishing in Kuwait

    posted by Deleted user in Kuwait forum 

    on side of Souk Sharq in Kuwait there is a small harbour.Ask for ABu Fadhal.He charges 45 KD for 6 Hrs.27feet boat enough for 6 people.Nice and flexible person he knows the spots to fish.You need an arabic speaking guy with you.Just check the water conditions and tide before you make a plan coz it really effects the fishing.Nowadays its only Noaibi ,Yamyam and shoum.

  • posted by Deleted user in Kuwait forum 

    Try the following link for fishing trips

  • Go to yolanda Carrasco's profile

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    Hi, anybody know something about commercial fishing contacts etc. thanks

  • Adel Arikat

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    Dear Sir,
    Can u send me an email to show your boat cos' i want to fish

    as u said 45KD for 4 people just tell me where is it?


  • andy mitchell

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    has anyone been on any of these trips yet ? were they any good ? or does anyone know where to book any of these trips ? if the answer is yes and you require another person to make the numbers up then just contact me -- andy

  • Go to Mohammed Habiba's profile

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    hi any news about fihing these days?

  • kashan ahmed

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    thank you and Sigit is makeing fishing trip to in August might be i will join him too,
    so kindly you also post me thanx

  • Captain sea man

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    i will Email you for the link so you can see the picture of the boat with contact

  • kashan ahmed

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    anybody alive here for fishing or can any buddy gudie me a good fishing spot.

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