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    I would not say it's all gloom and doom. I have my Yorkie here and she is enjoying herself, and I certainly love having her here. What is the point of having a four-legged friend, just to unload him/her on someone else?
    True, it gets very hot, there is little grass, trash is a problem, and there are many cats. But you can work around that. Dogs like sand as much as grass. We go on nice beach walks and we know some areas of the city that are nice and clean. It would be more difficult with a bigger dog that needs a lot of exercise. But toy breeds get a lot of that just running around your apartment, so it is not as crucial to always go outside - you can limit the exposure to the heat. It is good to establish a network of dog owners so that the dogs can socialize - they need that too.
    I find one of the biggest problems is the attitude of some locals, especially kids. They have zero understanding of animals, and they constantly taunt or scare my dog. I think I will start carrying a water pistol to keep them at bay...

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