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Contact for Postal office in Kuwait

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I require urgent help, could somebody please give to me the telephone contact number for the Kuwait postal service.

I mailed an important document to my company in Kuwait from the UK via Royal Mail and they have informed that it has been Kuwait for over 2 weeks but sitting at somewhere called the Universal Postal Union which is Kuwait mail service.

Unfortunately I cannot find a telephone or email contact for them, i really am desperate to get this parcel to my company and need to contact the postal service

Thanks for anyone's help with this.



  • Star Nerosa

    posted by  in Kuwait forum 

    Hello am looking of my order from Amazon and it says it's here in KUWAIT post office.
    Receiver: Om Rashes
    Jaber al Ali blk 2 street 17 house 24
    If you want the reference I will give it now. Thank you

  • Sara S.

    posted by  in Kuwait forum 

    The main website in english..

    map of their location (In Kuwait City)

  • Go to BABBER RAJA's profile

    posted by  in Kuwait forum 

    Hi Sara

    thanks so much will give them a go tomorrow, or Sunday, I guess when they will be open again...hope I can locate it, it is so difficult to find the contacts for the postal service...

    Again thanks and have a great weekend also


  • Sara S.

    posted by  in Kuwait forum 

    I searched about it and found out that the Universal Union Postal is under "Ministry Of Communication"
    Unfortunately the website is not provided in English, although there's an option to be translated!

    I think their main contact # is +965-22416493

    This link shows the contact # of their brances.!!!

    goodluck & have a great weekend

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