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Hi there,

My landlord is trying to evict us after completing 3 years in the flat.

Does anyone know if I will be entitled to some form of compensation from his part?

Thank you all


  • Jonathan Swift

    posted by  in Kuwait forum 

    Well, this is a classic case all over the planet. If your contract states that it is for one year renewable then you have no case if the landlord serves you a notice before one month of the expiry of the third year. He has the right to ask you to leave without any compensation since you signed the contract with the existing terms of one year renewable. You cannot pick and choose the terms you like and question those that are not in your interest. Either the contract is valid and acceptable in its entirety or is null and void which means that you have no right to stay in the building. Do not listen to lawyers who tell you you can stay for 5 years. They just want to extort your money. According to Kuwait law the contract is valid for the duration mentioned in the contract. If it mentions one year then it is for one year. If the period is not mentioned then the regular term of 5 years apply. Check your contract and do not rush into mistakes.

  • Nawaf Abdulla


    posted by  Nawaf Abdulla in Kuwait forum 

    probebly none. the only thing u can get out of it is that you can stay little longer.

    thats about it.

    you might want to look at your rental contract

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