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Good school in Kuwait

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We are moving to Kuwait from Seattle and were wondering what would be a good school for our daughters which would offer Islamic Studies and Arabic as well as a good American curriculum?
I was looking at American Bilingual School, American Academy for Girls, Bayan, Takamul among the few names i found on the internet.

Please, if anyone has any insights and ideas, let us know!

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    posted by  Andrea Munoz in Kuwait forum 

    Hello, we have our boy in the American School of Kuwait and we are very happy with our selection. And he love his school, he adapted very well since the first day.
    You can check on the internet but the best way is taht when you arrive to Kuwait you go and visit each school taht you chose on the internet and check the curriculum, the facilities, the teachers, kids, and so.
    Good luck!

  • would like to help u in this

    posted by Deleted user in Kuwait forum 


    I am a Kuwaiti lady and would like to help u in this.

    If u want a good islamic and english or billangual school, takamul is great, Rouayah, Rawd alsalheen, Al-Hayat (my nephews and neices r there) depending on which city u will stay in.

    AAG and AIS r so "libral" schools and also Bayan, have no relation when it comes to islamic, they only do it bcoz they have to, not what u r looking for. Even their enviornment is not healthy. If ur focus is ONLY on academic but not culture and personality and beleives of ur doughters then go to AIS

    Plz contact me when u r here I can take u or guid u in that. I took a frnd once for dfrnt schools (she is from Bangladish and lives in UK).

    U r welcome to my country :-)

  • Universal American School

    posted by Deleted user in Kuwait forum 

    I am a new teacher at UAS and have been impressed with the professionalism and caring attitude of my peers. I would check it out for it fits your basic criteria.

  • UAS

    posted by Deleted user in Kuwait forum 

    Is it the blue one in Hawalli?

  • UAS...

    posted by Deleted user in Kuwait forum 

    Yes, it is shades of blue and in Hawalli. I do believe there are two blue schools in Hawalli for when I try to get a taxi they have taken me to the wrong one. :-)


  • Abs Kan

    Good school in Kuwait

    posted by  Abs Kan in Kuwait forum 


    I would say Mai Mai is very correct, it might also depend on which would be your first language and second language as well. As in some schools the medium of instruction might be totally in English or Arabic, with a secondary language as well.

    Any way if you need any other help do let us know. btw i do have a Seattle # here in Kuwait.

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    Good school in Kuwait

    posted by  U M in Kuwait forum 

    Thank you for all your kind replies.
    Well our first language is English our second is Urdu (Pakistan). I was homeschooling my daughter for first grade because she wasn't happy at the public school here.
    However, since we are moving to an Arab country. I would like her to speak Arabic fluently and what better opportunity than a bilingual school. Total Arabic instruction would be difficult for her (2nd grade) but some people say that is the best way to learn.

    Yes Islamic Studies, tarbiyah and mahaul are very important to us so Mai Mai, I would love to take u up on your offer as a guide!
    Mr Khan, getting in touch with u would also be helpful.

    Umme Maryam

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    Good school in Kuwait

    posted by  U M in Kuwait forum 

    Assalamalaikum wa rahmatullah!

    It was so helpful to read your post!
    What is AIS? Have you heard of American Bilingual School? Can you tell me more about that school? Of all the schools, that seemed to be suiting my daughter the best.

    My husband will be working in Faihalheel but we haven't decided an area yet. The school will definitely finalize our location I guess.
    Once again, thank you for your warmth! I would love to meet u.


  • um

    posted by Deleted user in Kuwait forum 

    AIS is American International School

    Now for ABS, its the richy rich school, its good for KG as their prices there are reasonable, my nephew was there. It's good school but again it's libral and u know the atmosphere for rich families; last names money matrials..etc, am not sure if u want ur child to be there with that style of mentality; here is the problem, they focus only on that aspect.

    If u will be in Fahaheel, which is VERY far from ABS and the city, u have a GREAT new school there; Resalah. The founder is the one who founded Rouaya billiangual and Bayan school, she is great lady and well known. I asked around yesterday and they told me about it that's it is there near fahaheel. Resalah School. Bayan and Rouaya schools are great.

    I will be there if u need any help, just let me know sis :-)

  • ahmed raji

    please i need a help to getting there

    posted by  ahmed raji in Kuwait forum 

    i'm a nigerian and really will like to come down to kuwait for job and career development

  • Kuwait English School and/or The English School, Salmiya

    posted by Deleted user in Kuwait forum 

    Dear Mai Mai,

    I hope you can help on this.

    We are shortly am moving from Dubai to Kuwait. I was advised that some of the best british schools would either be Kuwait English School or The English School, Salmiya.

    Is this correct?

    If so, how much are the fees for G7, G5 and G3



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    english schools Kuwait

    posted by  Feefee Dougan in Kuwait forum 

    I'm British and have lived in Kuwait for over 10 years. I have 4 children who have gown up here. The English School Salmiya caters and has a preference for British children although all nationalities attend there. They require high standards of behaviour, insist on qualified teachers (PGCE or Degree in Education), have good facilities and a huge playground. The children are, in general, happy at the school.

    One drawback is that the school only caters for children up to the end of Year 8.After that time the children must move to a new school which means making new friends, finding their way around,etc. You'll find
    that many of the parents will send their children off to Boarding School rather than find another Kuwait school.

    KES caters for children through A level. My son was there until the end of Year 10. The school has high academic standards. This is good for those who can cope with this,but not all children can. Standards are continually assessed and children falling behind in their performance are sent regular letters home. Home school communication is quite good. Their facilities are reasonable, swimming pool, gym, etc. Music teaching is excellent and they have a flourishing orchestra and drama department.

    All in all, I'd be inclined to go for KES simply because your oldest child is Year 7 and close to the cutoff point for TES. You could move between the schools - TES is in Salmiya and KES in Salwa, but the traffic around TES is horrendous and very slow!!! There is a park with a restaurant across from KES should you need to wait between pickups. This is a recent innovation and a definite advantage to sitting in a car which can be extremely hot during the summer months.

    I hope this helps, Tamer. I think you'll be happy in Kuwait and feel free to ask any more questions.

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    Looking for good American or Indian school @ Kuwait

    posted by  vin kum in Kuwait forum 


    First of all, this is very good forum. We are moving to Kuwait from Texas.We are Indian citizens. We were wondering what would be a good school for our daughter (G-2) either American School or any school with good Indian curriculum?
    I was looking at american School of Kuwait, carmel school (heard it is difficult to get admission)

    Please, if anyone has any insights and ideas, let us know! Appreciate ur reply:)

  • hello

    posted by Deleted user in Kuwait forum 

    Tamer am glad Feefee answered u, as am not very familier with british schools.

    Feefee u r one of us then if u r here that long time :) I hope u r enjoying.

    And welcome tamer to Kuwait :)

    We have indian school here, and pakistani school as well.
    Am not so much know about them, but I know that pakistani school is good and my firnd's son is there although he is Kuwaiti. As its good.

    Please google about them and let me know if I can help.
    Welcome to Kuwait

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    To Feefee Dougan

    posted by  stewart grinsted in Kuwait forum 

    Hi FeeFee,

    We've just arrived here in Kuwait (3 weeks), would be very interested to talk further re schooling. Our youngest son will join us in the summer and we want the best we can do for him in his A level study for two years. As we've scrolled through endless sites looking for useful information you're input here was most refreshing and we'd appreciate the opportunity to talk further.

    It sounds like you might have other knowledge that would help us as we attempt to settle - evenso it felt quite good discovering Tetley Tea Bags in LuLu's hypermarket today - maybe we're not doing too badly!

    We've moved from Bournemouth Uk, also has sea & sand - but not the oil - but the weather was generally good!

    Perhaps if you respond to this we can tell you more about ourselves.

    Best wishes,

    Heather & Stewart

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    My husband is relocating..

    posted by  gemma ralph in Kuwait forum 

    Hi all,

    this is the most informative site i have found on Kuwait. We are a british family who reside in Dubai at present. My husband will be venturing over to set up an office on behalf of his company and we could really use some advice.
    Firstly he will need a good reliable real estate agent to travel around with him and show him serviced offices and serviced apartments and generally give him some knowledge of the ares etc..
    Secondly is there a good expat presence there in Kuwait? If I moved over with our 3 year old son and 5 cats after living in Dubai for 7 years would I settle? sorry I just need general advice from families who have experienced this before.

    Many Thanks

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    Response to Gemma Ralph

    posted by  Maha M in Kuwait forum 

    Hi Gemma - I moved to Kuwait with my 11 year old son and husband at the beginning of this year which means I have been here for a little bit over a month - I have adapted much quicker than I though; except for meeting and making more friends in Kuwait, I found that it is not a hardship place to live in. My son is at the Kuwait English School and he has been quite happy although they are a bit strict in dress code and homework as well as good manners but I like it as they teach students to be disciplined. My two daughters age 23 and 18 as well as our cat will be arriving on Friday and one of them will be going to university here and the other will be looking for a job. I worked in my country before but I am enjoying my time off and trying to live at home. We had some difficulties at the beginning to find a suitable housing but then we were able to find a nice apartment that we are satisfied with - there are many real estate agents that your husband can find either in the local newspapers when he arrives in Kuwait or off the internet. The most important thing for me was to have our home nearby my son school - only three minutes by car... which makes life much easier especially that sometimes traffic is horrendous... We were also worried at the beginning as we did not know which doctor to see (paediatrician, urologists, etc..) but I was able to figure things out and now I feel much more confident of the health system - they really have some excellent hospitals and doctors here.

    All in all, I made many visits to Dubai and I love it but I believe you will like Kuwait and will be able to adapt easily...

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    Stop!!! Don't go to RSS!!!!!!!!

    posted by  Taqwah Summers in Kuwait forum 

    Teachers there have quit, and those that stay are not really teaching.

    The GM is not an educator, and his school will eventually fall.

    They only appear to be doing well because the students are given the answers, and then their grades are raised by the GM.

    ASK around if you don't believe, but you were warned.

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    Al-Hayat fee structure

    posted by  M Ali in Kuwait forum 

    Mai Mail,

    Do you know Grade 1 fee structre in Al-Hayat school kuwait?


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    Bilingual school

    posted by  Wajdi K in Kuwait forum 

    Salam Mai,

    I would appreciate your feedback on bilingual schooling in Kuwait. I'm Saudi living in Texas and will need to relocate to Kuwait after new year. I have 4 years girl and wondering which is the best. I'm not sure where I'll live yet, but I have no issues commuting to work, hence, schooling is the preference. I heard that Al-Ru'ayyah and Ajial are good schools.

    Is that the case? Any further recommendations?


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