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Good school in Kuwait

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We are moving to Kuwait from Seattle and were wondering what would be a good school for our daughters which would offer Islamic Studies and Arabic as well as a good American curriculum?
I was looking at American Bilingual School, American Academy for Girls, Bayan, Takamul among the few names i found on the internet.

Please, if anyone has any insights and ideas, let us know!

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    hi i came from australia a fw weeks back. I have 2 school going kids who got a place in the english school of fahaheel in G3 and G1.Can any one please tell me how the school is? The teachers,there method of teaching and school environment. Sincere advice and comments will be appreciated.

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    u r correct

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    Dear Julie

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    Gm what is the best Pakistani school in Kuwait ?

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    Hey y'all.i need help we are American family who lives here in Kuwait and my daughter is 3 years and 3 month now and am looking for good school for American kids , any advice would be appreciated .thanks in advanced

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    am a regular student in a private Pakistani school i've went to almost all the schools in kuwait and visited them all as for i've seen ur a Pakistani i would recommend Pakistan Academy School in Al-Ahmadi as for it's really in a good state right now and has many strict rules and regulations..and if u want any american school i would prefer ABS it's in Khaitan u may like ur kids to go there as for it's a higher level school and american one too but if u ask for Pakistani one's i'll prefer PAS thank you..!

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    Hi there, the best school in Kuwait is AIS and ASK. I would say I like AIS most of all because it is the most diverse out of all the schools. the children are very polite and well educated. Some schools state that they follow the American curriculum but they do not at all. Good luck and have fun

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    Salam Mai,

    I would appreciate your feedback on bilingual schooling in Kuwait. I'm Saudi living in Texas and will need to relocate to Kuwait after new year. I have 4 years girl and wondering which is the best. I'm not sure where I'll live yet, but I have no issues commuting to work, hence, schooling is the preference. I heard that Al-Ru'ayyah and Ajial are good schools.

    Is that the case? Any further recommendations?


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    Mai Mail,

    Do you know Grade 1 fee structre in Al-Hayat school kuwait?


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    Stop!!! Don't go to RSS!!!!!!!!

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    Teachers there have quit, and those that stay are not really teaching.

    The GM is not an educator, and his school will eventually fall.

    They only appear to be doing well because the students are given the answers, and then their grades are raised by the GM.

    ASK around if you don't believe, but you were warned.

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