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Hello All,

I am in the process of relocating to Kuwait where I will be working at Camp Arifjan. I am wondering about schools for a 1st grader and opportunities for my little sister whom will be moving with me she is 18. Any tips and advise will be highly appreciated. Also, How much (roughly) would a 3 bedroom apartment be?


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    First of all welcome to my home the best country in the world to enjoy with your family. My device to rent in Kuwaiti house better than flat blocked and cheapest
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    Hello Ma'am! My name is AYYAZ and I work for QBREALTOR which is one of the renowned, reputed and professional Real Estate Management Co. in Kuwait having a large database of Villas, Villa Apartments, Floor Apartments and properties all across Kuwait. The best place for you to live would be in the south areas of Kuwait like Fahaheel, Mangaf, Abu Halifa, Mahboula, Fintas etc. Some parts of Salwa, Messilla, Sabah Salem etc would also work but they are a bit more further from Camp Arifjan, and as Tan-Da-Man rightly said, a further 15-20 Kms distance from the south areas. Rent can vary from 350-400 to anywhere between 650-1000 KD depending on the location and area and the amenities offered in the property, complex or building.

    GULF ENGLISH SCHOOL in Fahaheel, AMERICAN UNITED SCHOOL in Sabah Al Salem, BRITISH SCHOOL OF KUWAIT in Salwa etc are some good Schools in these areas.

    There are opportunities always available at Camp Arifjan itself in the R&R Dept throughout and then also in different Schools in Kuwait. You can Also check out websites of different Companies like M.H. Al-Shaya, who always have opportunities for youngsters.

    Good Luck Ma'am.

  • Tan-Da- Man

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    The Nearest and the best location for the people working in Camp Arifjan is "Fantas" , "Mahaboula", Distance from these location to Camp Arifjan is approx. 30-35 Km drive.

    Another best location is "Salwa" and here you can find good English schools just add 10-15 KM more in above distance. Approx rent start from 350 - 650 KD for 3 bed room, depends you need furnished or non -furnished.

    School Website:

    Regarding your sister, if she have any teaching experience, then she have a good chance. let her bring all documents and apply. she can also start searching job on

    If you need nay more details do let em know.

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    would be in the region of 600 kd or lets say 2000 USD approx depending on location and whetere furnished or non furnished .
    Many schools available and would be best to chose one near your place of residence .It is assumed you would be keeping long hours / shift working at camp arifjan ..

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